No More Cold Feet With Skunkx Electric Heated Shoes

Skunkx shoes warm your cold feet for hours. Within minutes your feet feel warm and comfortable again. Skunkx can also massage your feet. Skunkx have a built in electrical heating and are powered by rechargeable batteries. Due to the warmth and massage the blood vessels in your feet will widen and blood flow circulation is stimulated. Skunkx are the first solution that really solve your cold, tired or painful feet. With Skunkx no more cold feet!

Skunkx for warm feet

Skunkx Shoes Warm And Relax Cold Feet

Skunkx innovative footwear actively warms and gently massages your feet, making you feel comfortable, warm and relaxed within minutes. Skunkx use re-chargeable batteries, allowing you to walk around without any restrictions; when empty simply recharge and enjoy again. Skunkx are made of the finest quality natural materials: suede on the outside and soft, comfortable sheepswool on the inside, which guarantees optimal conditions for your feet. Experience the luxurious feel of new energy and warmth flowing through your feet and legs.
Skunkx sideview

Key Benefits

Always comfortably warm feet

  • Active heat technology warms your feet in minutes to a pleasant temperature
  • Warm feet for up to 8 hours without recharging
  • Normal and extra warm temperature settings

Relax and rejuventate sore and weary feet

  • Relax your feet using soft vibro massage
  • Feel a nice tingling feeling passing through your feet

Increase blood circulation in your feet

  • Increase blood circulation in your feet and legs by up to 40% using Skunkx
  • Recommended by Dutch chiropodists

Simple and straightforward to use

  • Warm or massage your feet with the press of a button
  • Use while walking around the house without any restrictions
  • Recharge the batteries with the supplied charger, this takes about 4-5 hours
39 degree electric heating – soft vibro massage – recharge

39 degree Celcius electric heating – soft vibro massage – rechargeable

10 Facts About Skunkx

  1. Always warm feet
  2. Relaxes tired feet
  3. Improved blood circulation
  4. Build in rechargeable battery
  5. Warmth and massage can be used separately
  6. Comfortable fit
  7. Safe anti-slip sole
  8. Easy to use
  9. Durable materials (suede leather and sheep wool)
  10. Saves energy costs

Active Electric Footwarmer

Warm and cosy feetSkunkx warm your feet to a comfortable temperature, exactly to the point most people like using Skunkx over a longer period. Skunkx have two heat modes, normal and extra warm. The extra warm setting, supplies constant heat for people with extremely cold feet. The overall warmth lasts for at least 8 hours and in most cases even longer, lasting for the whole evening without the need to recharge.

Easy To Operate

Skunkx control
Skunkx are extremely easy to use, having only two buttons. Press the heat button and your shoes warm up, press it again to turn off the active warmer. The massager works in the same way: press the massage button to turn on and off the massager. Batteries empty? Simply recharge using the charger. That’s all, it is that simple.


Due to the use of rechargeable battery technology you can now walk around the house in your Skunkx without any restrictions. The rechargeable batteries give your feet up to 8 hours of warmth and relaxation while still enjoying 100% mobility. When the batteries are empty, simply plug in the charger and after 4-5 hours you can use your Skunkx again.

Soft Vibro Massage

Gently massage your feetMassage enhances blood flow and circulation. Used in combination with active warming it is the perfect way to rejuvenate and refresh sore and weary feet. The massage function can also be used without the active warmer. The vibro massage is very mild. There are many benefits to this type of massage, including the most basic: it feels good. The feet are by far the hardest worked of all body parts. They bear your weight all day long, and the longer you walk or stand, the more tired they will become. By receiving a foot massage, the patient can experience relaxation as well as pain relief. Another benefit of foot massage is the release of stress. Studies show that there is a significant decrease in stress after a foot massage.

Natural Materials

Warm sheepwool

When designing Skunkx we strived to use only natural materials whenever possible. Besides being durable these natural materials feel pleasant and ensure your feet are comfortable and warm even when the Skunkx are switched off. The outside is made of suede and the inside is 100% natural sheeps wool. This sheeps wool ensures your feet stay comfortably warm, but also allows your feet to breathe, guaranteeing optimal foot conditions. Furthermore, the wool used in the interior has a natural elasticity, so that Skunkx will take the shape of your feet ensuring the most comfortable fit. Finally wool is known to regulate perspiration from the body leaving your feet warm and dry.