Skunkx for warm feetSkunkx is a product created by 2M Engineering ltd. 2M Engineering creates innovative products that are designed to be beneficial to society. Solving real problems for real people. The idea behind Skunkx was born some years ago, while trying to help people with cold feet. We discovered that this is a very common problem, but that most of the solutions available did not really solve this problem or even create new problems. We tried to come up with a quality solution that everyone, including ourselves, would like to use. The result is Skunkx. Our first areas of interest were how to warm a foot, the region to heat, what temperature is most pleasant  and how best to message a foot. Next we developed and built prototypes which were tested among a large group of people. The feedback we received after the test was extremely positive and inspired us to continue our journey to bring the product to the consumer market. All the scientific and consumer research we did was in co-operation with Fontys university and Dutch chiropodist. Today we have a product that has reached the standard we set without compromises. It uses real, quality materials whenever possible. We use this product almost daily and are still pleased with the result and so are our friends and family. We hope Skunkx will bring you the same experience.