Cold feet

Cold feet are a serious problem for many people. Research has shown that one in three women is frequently suffering from cold feet. The problem is not only present during the cold winter months, but also during summer. When your feet are cold it’s often almost impossible to get them warm again and when people get older the complaints about cold feet increase.

There are several causes of cold feet, but the main cause of cold feet is largely due to impaired blood circulation. Factors such as certain hormones probably play a role. Therefore, women generally suffer more from cold feet than men. Other causes may be wearing shoes or standing or sitting in the same position for too long. Furthermore diseases (e.g. diabetes, rheumatism and the syndrome of Raynaud) are often a cause of cold feet. Also impaired cardiac function (for example after a stroke) or poor blood vessel condition can be a cause for cold feet. Smoking is also a known cause of the problem.

Cold feet and toes are also a common and often troublesome phenomenon in many (winter) sports. Skating, cycling and equestrian sports are good examples of such sports. The reason is, unlike the previous, long exposure to cold temperatures. Also here too constrictive footwear and smoking are factors which should be avoided.