sand__heart__feet__by_oyf_brodieThere are several solutions that help against cold feet. It is logical that stimulating blood circulation helps against cold feet. Exercise and walking more and more often increases the chance of warmer feet. However, more exercise is not always a practical solution because you do not always want to move like when watching a movie or reading a book. It may also very well be that you have difficulty walking or it is causing your pain and requires serious effort and therefore you prefer to minimize physical activity as much as possible.

Another solution is to better retain body warmth as a remedy against cold feet by using materials that reflect heat and/or better retain warmth, comparable to insulating your house. By improving the insulation between your body and its surroundings, coldness can get less easy to your body and body generated warmth stays longer close to the body, while not leaking to the cold surroundings. The best known example of insulation against cold feet is the use of thick winter socks. Of course these solutions work when your feet are cold, but same as for a well-insulated house; when the house is already cold, proper insulation by itself will not help to warm the house for that you really need to turn on your central heating system.

Solutions that actively warm the feet like a hot/cold treatment, foot spa, foot warmer or foot massage really help against feet which are already cold. But most of these solution are time consuming, impractical, limit your movements or look poor with as result that after only a few times of use these solutions often disappear in the closet.

Skunkx also belong to the category of solutions that actively heat (and massage) the feet. Skunkx warm the feet during a certain time, after which the heating switches off so that feet cool down a little. Then the heating cycle starts again mimicking a hot/cold treatment using natural temperature fluctuations. The Skunkx vibro massage further stimulates the blood circulation in feet and legs. Skunkx is therefore the perfect remedy against cold feet.