Wherever you are and no matter what situation you’re in, always have warm and comfortable feet with Skunkx. Take Skunkx with you during a long flight, wear them after a long day at work or just to take quality time for yourself. Here you will find some great ideas on how and where to use Skunkx.

Wear Skunkx after a long day at work when your feet feel tired

Wearing Skunkx

After a long and busy day at work your feet can feel really sore and tired, certainly when you have been standing on high heels all day. Skunkx bring relief. There is nothing better than getting home, removing your high heels and relax. Take a hot shower, put on your comfortable evening clothes and slip into your Skunkx. The day fades away and it’s time to relax and enjoy your evening. The vibro-massage and warmth rejuvenate sore and weary feet, giving new energy, comfort and relaxation.

Warm feet and relaxed feet on a cold winter day

Pamper yourself

Cold feet can give you an unpleasant, uncomfortable feeling, especially when it’s freezing cold or raining outside. Especially the autumn and winter evenings can be long, dark and cold. Cold feet can be really annoying and distract you from the activities you are doing. Nothing more distracting then trying to watch a movie, read a book or play a game with cold feet. Skunkx warm your feet during the whole evening without limitations: you can walk around within your house freely. Skunkx make those cold winter days and evenings comfortable again.

Create the most comfortable space and enjoy quality time for yourself

Tired after workWork, family and friends can take up a lot of your time. Sometimes all you want is to have a moment for yourself. Indulge yourself and spend some quality time doing the things you like. Skunkx can help you to create the ideal environment by creating a more balanced atmosphere. Put on some comfortable clothes, cocoon yourself in your own livingroom and do the things you want to do; relax. Skunkx pleasantly warm and massage your feet restoring your balance and vitality. Skunkx the perfect gift to give yourself.

Cold feet at night? Warm up your feet with Skunkx before going to bed

Falling asleep with cold feet is a very difficult task. Cold feet can lead to a poor nights sleep or at the very least a disrupted sleep pattern. Apart from being very annoying this can also have a negative effect on your mood, work and daily life. Skunkx are the perfect solution to this problem. Put Skunkx on an hour before you go to bed to warm and relax your feet. Skunkx ensure your feet stay warm long after you have taken them off. You will fall asleep easier and get an improved nights sleep.

In-flight use

You can use Skunkx not only at home but also in a variety of other settings. For example many people expierence cold feet during long flights. Skunkx increase blood flow in your feet and legs making you feel more comfortable so that you can enjoy your flight!