Skunkx medicalIncreases blood flow circulation

The most effective way to warm the feet is via the sole of the foot. Veins widen as a result of the extra warmth and the feet and legs experience an increase in blood flow. Research conducted together with a Dutch University showed that blood in the feet increased by 40 percent when wearing Skunkx.

Recommended by chiropodists

It has been confirmed by Dutch chiropodists that warmth and massage have a positive effect on cold feet. Chiropodists see people with cold feet on a daily basis and are enthusiastic about the positive effects that Skunkx have on cold feet. Skunkx should not be used by diabetics. If you have another medical condition, for example a vascular disease, contact your doctor and ask if Skunkx are right for you.

Cold feet & RaynaudsRaynauds and cold feet

Skunkx are extremely useful for people with reduced blood circulation like Raynaud’s.
Raynaud’s is a disease that causes pain mostly in hands and feet when exposed to cold temperatures. This is caused by a reduced blood supply to the fingers or toes; the skin turns pale or white and becomes cold and numb. This can be from uncomfortable to really painful. Skunkx have been tested with people suffering from Raynaud’s who indicated to have regularly cold feet. The majority of the testers was really positive about Skunkx as it is one of the few solutions that really solves their cold feet problem over a long time. More information about Raynaud’s…

Rheumatism and cold feet

One in five Dutch people over the age of twenty suffers from a rheumatic disease, while one in ten have chronic complaints. As many as 2.3 million people in the Netherlands suffer from some form of rheumatism. Rheumatism is the collective name for many joint diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, which are the two most common forms. In rheumatoid arthritis, the pain is caused by inflammation of the joints (inflammatory arthritis), while osteoarthritis is caused by wear of the joints (wear and tear arthritis).

A number of things are advised for people who have rheumatic complaints

  • Keep moving and do daily exercises to keep the joints supple and strengthen them.
  • Eat healthy food, in particular plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Taking nutritional supplements containing glucosamine and chondroitin can relieve pain and slow the progress of arthritis.
  • Physiotherapy and other therapies where joints are “loosened” can alleviate the symptoms

Experience shows that people with rheumatism have little or no rheumatic complaints during a stay in a hot country. Fortunately, you can find heat closer to home for example in the sauna or under a solarium. This certainly applies to osteoarthritis, involving pain and movement restrictions in the joints and tense and aching muscles. These complaints are worsened by cold, moisture and wind. Warmth brings relief and relaxation to the joints and muscles. But beware: during acute or severe inflammation as seen in rheumatoid arthritis or gout, warmth aggravates the inflammation. However, if the arthritis has calmed, heat is again good for the joints, muscles and total body. By heating cold feet with Skunkx the rest of the body will as a result, also feel warm and rheumatic symptoms can reduce. The Skunkx massage helps to relax tense and aching muscles in the feet and lower legs which contributes to a further alleviation of symptoms.

Difficulty initiating sleep due to cold feet

Many people frequently have difficulties initiating sleep due to cold feet. In otherwise healthy people this is caused by a functional disorder of the vascular regulation resulting in complains of thermal discomfort of extremities, e.g. cold feet and cold hands. Laboratory studies have shown a close relationship between long sleep onset latency, the time it takes to fall asleep, and decreased blood flow circulation in hand and feet. The medical terms this is referred to as distal vasoconstriction. In a recent study of the University of Basel with 2800 people between 20 and 40 years a total of 31.1% of women and 6.9% of men complained about cold feet and hands. Their main recommendation to treat cold hands and feet is a thermo physiological approach meaning active warming of hand and feet. Read the full study from Basel University…

Cold feet and beta blockersBèta-blockers and cold feet

People that have to take bèta-blockers, have regular complaints about cold feet. Bèta-blockers are drugs that are prescribed in case of elevated blood pressure or heart problems. They prevent relaxation of the blood vessels. As a consequence there is a certain amount of vessel constriction and a reduction of the blood circulation. This is most obvious in hand and feet. Skunkx are a kind of floor heating system that goes wherever you go. The build in heating elements will gently and comfortably warm your feet.