What a great quality product!

What a great quality product!  Having been involved in sports all my life, my feet are often tired and sore by the end of the day. Skunkx gives them that tender loving care they need at the end of the day. On my way home from work I even begin to dream of slipping on my Skunkxs as soon as I am though the door, it’s pure luxurious pleasure. I’m amazed at the effects of this product. The dog is enjoying longer walks at the week-end too. Skunkx has given me back my me-time. Thanks for bringing this excellent product to market!
Patricia Wilson, Northern Ireland.

No pain any more due to SuperSkunkx

When I first heard about Skunkx, I wondered if they would be suitable for me.  After using them, I say YES, they are – in fact I would say that a lot of people could benefit so much from this product.
I am a wheelchair user and I did at one time suffer from painful cold feet and bad circulation.  This is not an unusual thing for a wheelie user.  What Skunkx has done for me is quite impressive.  The gentle massage and heating systems in the slippers have improved my circulation, and my feet are not cold all the time.  In fact, they are very warm when my Skunkx come off, and I don’t have pain any more due to my feet being icy cold.  Hopefully this winter I can say goodbye to those dreadful, horrible chillblains.
Skunkx should be renamed SuperSkunkx if you ask me and for this I must say Thank You to 2M.
Michelle, Limerick Ireland.